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I have always loved creative expression. I was 4 years old when I wrote my first song. I was in grade 4 when I learned to paint. And I was 40 when I released my first children's book. (What is it about the number 4 for me?) Over the years I have studied music, art and writing in many forms. Whether I am making art, creating community events, or speaking, it is tied to one of these messages:

1. Love your inner monster, because when we shine a light of love on that monster, we allow ourselves the compassion to fully accept both ourselves and others.
2. Speak Kindness, because that is the best way to change the world around you.
3. Express Gratitude, because that is the best way to change the world inside you.

I am an avid student of artful living, with a penchant for feather earrings, iced coffee and dark chocolate. I make pretty things and ugly things and strange things. What I know is that I need to create every day to be happy. I believe art is our opportunity to make alchemy in our lives. Creative expression takes our struggles, our wounds, and turns them into something beautiful for others to share. I believe that through art we connect with our divine selves and transform our deepest wounds into our greatest gifts to the world.

My Current projects include the Love Your Body Summit, the Trigger Points Anthology, and recording both with Sonicjoy and solo.

Here are a few of the projects I have worked on over the years:


Princess Monsters from A to Z, released September 2014


"Princess Monsters from A to Z" October-November 2014 [solo]
"The Hands that Shape Our Community" at Gallery Bistro, May-June 2014 [group]
Port Moody Art Gallery Instructors Exhibit January 2014 [group]
"Bloom" at Cafe Divano, Sept-Dec 2013 [solo]
"Elemental" at Artspot Gallery, March 2013 [duo]

Musical Releases

Manoeuvres 1: A Collection of Vancouver Electronica 2007
Songs for Choice 2006
West Coast Christmas 2005
Sonicjoy "Urban Angel" 2004

You can also find me on the following social media sites:


You can reach my by email at joyellebrandt@shaw.ca or call 778.888.1395

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