Speaking and Workshops

" Joyelle has an inner light that shines bright on stage. 
With poise and grace, the utmost professional, 
she pulls at our heart strings with her ability 
to connect and engage audiences with thought provoking 
ideas and out of the box creativity."
Mandara Lebovitz, General Manager, Terry Fox Theatre

I love to visit classes, community groups and companies to do book readings, art workshops, and speaking. Here are a few of the presentations I offer:

School Presentations

Princess Monsters from A to Z Classroom Visits (K-5)

During these classroom visits, I read the story, sing the Monster in Me song with the kids, and have the kids create their own monster portraits. Possible curriculum extensions for these visits include explorations of individuality, empathy, and kindness. Other curriculum tie ins for grades 3-5 include creative writing exploration, song writing, and a math unit centered on running a small business.

Art Journaling for Self Esteem (6-12)

This program teaches basic art journaling techniques such as collage and mixed media painting, along with writing prompts focused on issues such as self-esteem, media literacy, body image, and personal empowerment. This program is tailored to the unique needs of your group.

What I learned from Princess Monsters: Speaking Visits (teen to adult)

During this presentation, I speak about the inspiration behind Princess Monsters from A to Z, and share some of my personal experiences that led to the creation of the book. Themes of this talk include media literacy, body image, and living an authentic life.

Songwriting for Social Change (K-12)

In this workshop, I introduce the students to examples of how songwriting has been used as a medium for raising awareness about social and environmental issues. We cover some basic songwriting skills, and then the class works together to write a song. For an example of this project, listen to We Want to Make the World a Better Place, co-written with Ms Bain and Ms Esmail's 1-2 classes for their school play.


Your Ugly is Beautiful: learning to love your whole self

What are those parts of you that you are convinced are un-lovable? Is it your cellulite, your anger, or your indecisiveness? This talk and workshop tackles that inner perfectionist and wrestles it to the ground.

Charting her personal history, Joyelle takes us on a journey from body hatred to body love. Along the way, she examines some of the cultural institutions that keep us trapped inside a cycle of self objectification and body shaming.

The Monster In Me (Art)

If you have ever said "I'm not an artist" or
"I can't draw a straight line with a ruler", then this workshop is for you! In this playful experiment in art journalling, you will create your monster alter ego, and explore how you can make peace with the monster in you.

Body Image for Better Business

This fun, interactive talk and workshop for women entrepreneurs explores how our relationship with our bodies affects our business relationships. 

Please contact me at joyellebrandt@shaw.ca or 778.888.1395 for more information about bookings.

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