Thursday, September 2, 2010


Just a quick post to share a photo from my gig last night at Frederico's. Thanks to Natalie McGinley for this!


And while I am talking about music, I wanted to share some brilliant lyrics from the new Little Big Town. I'm a sucker for clever lyrical concepts.
Shut up train, I’m trying to sleep • Can’t you show me a little sympathy • This is the only time, I can get any peace • So shut up train I’m trying to sleep • • •
(Chorus) Every time the front door shakes • Every time I hear the brakes • And that long whistle crying through the night • I’m reminded of the way I feel • Just like that cold black steel • Getting crushed
by your wheels tonight • I don’t need no more pain • So, shut up train • • •
I hope you’re happy, now I’m wide awake • Now I gotta deal with every ounce of this heartache •
While you’re moving on, I’m stuck in this place • It’s all your fault, so shut up train

Check out their new album, it is really beautiful!

Hope you have a gorgeous day! 


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