Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday - Be My Habit

Welcome to the Music Monday art challenge! One song lyric, all art styles, all good.

This week's challenge theme is taken from Robert Wilson's song (and the title of his second album) Be My Habit. Rob is an amazing local singer-songwriter whom I have had the pleasure of hosting at my house for a private concert (if you have never attended a house concert, it is really the best way to hear singer-songwriters perform!) He is not only disgustingly talented, but a really nice guy.

Now personally, the one habit that I cannot live without is chocolate. I took this picture at the West Coast Chocolate Festival High Tea this year. What a great day! Eight girlfriends and two hours of eating, to the point that none of us could eat the cupcakes that were the last course! This week's theme over at Spring is how you are generous with yourself, and this definetly fits the bill. I believe in good chocolate. I don't eat junk chocolate, because life is just to short. So here it is, from Rubens chocolate, my habit:

If you would like to share your interpretations of this lyric, please post a link to your creation in the comments section by Saturday night, and come Sunday I'll post all the works.

In other news, I attended the Festive Nest Christmas Craft show on Sunday, and I will have some photos for you on Wednesday. This was a gorgeous event, held in a barn filled with beautiful antique white-painted furniture and featuring some stunning artworks! My only regret is that I couldn't spend more time looking at everything (I had my son in tow, and was terrified he would break something!)

In the meantime, to get you all in the Christmas Spirit, I will share an image from Koralee at  Bluebird Notes, who was the one who turned me on to the Festive Nest sale.

How beautiful is that?

On that note, take a moment to find something beautiful and place it on your mantel today.


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