Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Monday - Fearless

Welcome again to Music Monday! Today's theme comes from the Matthew Good song Fearless:
she is the trick of my trade
she is the thing that can't be made
she is gold and nothing less
and she is fearless

Such a great lyric! Here is how my little fairy interpretted it (you may need to enlarge the image):
For those of you who would like to join the Music Monday challenge, please post a link to your image in the comments thread by Saturday night, and on Sunday I'll display all your works!
For next week we will be using lyrics from a Peter Katz song titled Slate:
Walking ashen through the smoke
Coughing up the last of hope
A city surfaced silent and exposed
I thought that lyric was so evocative! Peter is a fantastic Canadian singer-songwriter, and a really nice guy. I am going to be singing on one of his tunes at his show November 11 at the Railway Club in Vancouver. So excited for that show!
Today I also wanted to share a site I just discovered called Willowing & Friends. This is an amazing artists commuinty, and right now they are offering a FREE online art course on shading faces and creating textured backgrounds in mixed media. I started watch the first video today and it is fantastic! Also, visit Willowing & Friends creator Tam's site to check out her incredible art, like this piece:

Ok, so that's all for today. I'll have more for Wednesday, I hope! I'm planning to do an image for the Three Muses Showtime challenge, but we will see if I have time.

Have a lovely day!



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  2. I'm back...hoping someone else will wander in too...great lyrics here's my artwork: