Monday, December 27, 2010

Reverb 10: Photos, Food and Joy!

Since I have now recovered from my least favourite Christmas present (the stomach flu, which hit me Christmas day) I thought I would catch up on a few days of Reverb 10 posts.

December 25 – Photo – a present to yourself
Sift through all the photos of you from the past year. Choose one that best captures you; either who you are, or who you strive to be. Find the shot of you that is worth a thousand words. Share the image, who shot it, where, and what it best reveals about you.

My husband took this photo in the summer as part of an album artwork photo shoot. I am planning to use this as the album cover whenever we finally finish production of my EP. I love how he captured me in this image, the soft, sensitive side of me.

December 26 – Soul Food
What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

Most amazing food experience ever: Endless Tapas at the Tigh-Na-Mara spa with my husband to celebrate our anniversary. After a fantastic massage, we donned our spa robes and ate the most incredible food ever. It was food art. I can't even describe how good it is, but I can tell you that if you ever get the opportunity to do this, it will rock your world!

December 27 – Ordinary Joy
Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

I think the photo says it all for this one.

Hope you are all recovering from the holiday craziness, and are taking a few moments to breathe deeply and feel the moments of ordinary joy in your life!


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  1. oh look at the cutest face ever, he is over the top adorable!