Sunday, January 9, 2011

Visual Journal Monday - Week 2

So I have had a heck of a time with this image today, nothing quite coming together the way I want it to. Meh. I hate those days when the universe (or art supplies) will not cooperate with you. But, here is my evolving visual journal page.

On the plus side, one thing I have learned from this visual journalling exercise is that the next time I am stuck with a painting, I will take a picture of it, print out a copy, and then experiment on the print out. Since I have several half-finished paintings right now, this is a big revelation for me.

Another thing I have learned is that creating every day is absolutely possible for me. And absolutely necessary right now, as I struggle to process some very old wounds.

Wishing you beauty and hope.



  1. lovely and good for you for being creative every day - that is truly an accomplishment! Beauty and hope to you as well :) xo

  2. I think our art evolves with us, through us, as a reflection of us, leading us, trailing us- so interconnected, this is just lovely

  3. I love that idea of experimenting on a copy of the work...hmm...may have to try it. I do like where this journal page is going, you're off to a great start!

  4. I think you did an amazing job!!! Your work always inspires me.

    Thank you for leaving me such sweet comments to read.


  5. art is that for me too. Your work is beautiful.. just as you are.