Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Artwalk

This weekend in Port Moody, it's time for the annual Artwalk. This event features artists displaying their work both in their studios and in businesses around the city. I thought I would share my favourite venue and artists, which just happen to coincide. The venue is Rueben's Chocolates, so you can understand why I am excited about that part;) The artists are Kathleen Tennant and Masha Levene. Kathleen makes beautiful one of a kind journals, sketch books and canvas art using torn paper, torn images, acrylic paints, inks and various other things. Kathleen’s art often contains an inspirational message conveyed through words or images she creates on the covers of her journals or canvases. I saw one of her journals in a display case at the library, and was instantly drawn in to her brilliant colours and original designs. Here are a few samples from her Etsy shop:

How gorgeous are those? And speaking of gorgeous, here is the painting that Masha Levene recently co-created with Tammy Pilon and Mandara Lebovitz for the Golden Brush Competition. It is titled Spirit of Spring.

The original painting is on display at city hall right now, and if it goes missing, I had nothing to do with it;)

Time for me to go get ready to teach a toddler music class now. Have a beautiful day!


  1. I'm really looking forward to the ArtWalk this weekend, as well. Art in a chocolate shop? Even better.

  2. Thank you for following me on Twitter and thanks so much for all your kind words regarding my work. Much appreciate and please, when visiting the chocolate shop...introduce yourself to me!! I would love to meet you.