Monday, April 25, 2011

Mixed Media Monday:The Key to Happiness!

In preparation for Strathmore's final visual journalling workshop, I finally actually bought one of their visual journals. I got the watercolour paper version, because I like the heavier weight paper. While trying to decide the theme of the journal, I found a magazine clipping that I had cut out years ago and filed in my quotations folder. It said "I've decided I want more joy in my life." In keeping with my commitment to pursue my own happiness project, this seemed like the perfect nudge to create a Keys to Happiness journal. I plan to record my thoughts and observations and what does and does not make me happier throughout my days, in order to figure out how to have more of the happy stuff and less of the other.

I created a simple watercolour background and added some photos of flowers. Looking back through my quotations stash, I found a collection of cards that I had pulled out of O Magazine. On one side they have a great quote, and on the other side it says "I will make time for..." And it is so easy to let the days slip away, caught up in our to-do lists that we forget to make time for the things that are truly important to us.

I am looking forward to filling these pages, and to seeing what comes out of my happiness investigation. Today I am going to make time for some yoga, and look through some pictures I took last week. I will also take time to slowly let a piece of dark chocolate melt on my tongue. What will you take time for today? Take a moment to commit to find a little bit of happiness in your day, and think about one thing you are dreading, and ask yourself if you can let that go, or re-frame it for yourself.

Please share your thoughts on happiness in the comments section. I love to your your thoughts!

Have a beautiful day!

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