Monday, June 27, 2011

Being Gentle is Hard!

"Be gentle first with yourself 
if you wish to be gentle with others." 
-Lama Yeshe

This seems to be the lesson
I must learn right now,
as I recover from being sick.

I want to jump right back
into my routine,
but find that my energy
is limited.

Today I sat by the ocean
and breathed in the salty air.
I listened to the waves
lapping the shore,
and the birds singing arias
in the trees.

Why am I always in such a hurry?

Why do I keep needing
to remind myself
that it is ok
to slow down,
to be gentle 
with myself?

I am a poor student
in this lesson.

But I guess that's why it's called
a practice of mindfulness.

Because it takes a lot of

Today's image is one of
a bouquet of peonies
that my lovely friend Mandy
bought for me this week,
just because.

Love you Mandy!

I processed the photo
with Kim Klassen's Golden texture
for this week's Texture Tuesday party.

Follow the link to see many more
beautiful photos from other
talented photographers.

Hope you are having a beautiful day,
and can take a few moments 
to be gentle with yourself.


  1. My peonies are blooming now...I love this time of year in my limited garden. Your photo is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photo! Rest and fully recover.

  3. I love the softness of this image. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. Lovely soft feel to this image. Get better soon.

  5. So pretty and soft - I love peonies :)

  6. Peonies are one of my most favorite flowers! And yes, we must slow down, smell the colors around us. Envious of you sitting by the ocean! Found you on Kim's site today.

  7. Such subtle beauty! Take time to smell the flowers - so worth it! - Mirage

  8. so very lovely....and beautiful words, my friend..... xxo, kim

  9. What a beautiful peony -- I love the soft colors in this image. I hope you can take all the time you need to feel better.