Monday, August 8, 2011

the little things

This week's Texture Tuesday theme is 
the little things.
Anyone who has ever loved a child
knows that these little creatures
can bring out a giant love
 that grips your heart
and won't let go.

My little boy's footprints
in the sand.

A little thing that means
to me.

Next week I will be celebrating
one full year of blogging
with a whole bunch of giveaways,
so if you haven't yet become a follower,
now is a very good time;)
I will be choosing prize winners
from my blog followers,
Facebook followers, 
and Twitter followers.
More info to come on Wednesday about
all the prizes!

Have a beautiful day!

P.S. For those who are interested,
I used the Scripted Edges Magic texture
on overlay at 66% and
the Love texture on colour burn at 97%.
The textures really warmed up
the image to give it a nice glow.


  1. ahhh...I raised two little boys myself---all grown up now - such a sweet reminder!

  2. oh you tugged on my heartstrings! footprints in the sand, little sticky popsicle fingerprints on the doors... nothing's better than your little ones on a beach in the summer!
    thanks for the memories and the beautiful photo!

  3. That's lovely. Brings back memories.

  4. Gorgeous take on the challenge and sweet sentiments to go with -- lovely job :)

  5. Lovely image and so sweet! Love the warmth you've brought out! Gorgeous!

  6. Wonderful take on today's challenge. Your little boy's footprints are so sweet.

  7. How sweet! It's amazing how kids change your life! Lovely photo!

  8. I love this image -- children are truly the "little things" that make life meaningful and filled with joy.

  9. Wonderful, meaningful image! love the colours!

  10. Priceless! Love how you captured the sun reflecting off the water. Adding the textures to set the mood of the photo...fabulous.

    Bright blessings,

  11. What a treasure. Nice editing.

  12. So very pretty :)
    Have a happy Wednesday.

  13. Precious! I love their little footprints in the sand also. Unfortunately, my little girl is now almost 21 so her footprints are as big as mine.
    Great editing!