Saturday, August 20, 2011

Opening Our Eyes

I don't even remember how I stumbled upon the documentary Opening Our Eyes, but as soon as I saw the trailer, I knew I had to be involved in this. I had this song, One, that I knew would be perfect for the film. I sent the film-maker, Gail Mooney, an e-mail with a link to the song on MySpace and then forgot all about it. When Gail contacted me, saying she loved the song and wanted to use it in the film, I was just blissed out beyond belief.

Yesterday I received my copy of Opening Our Eyes, and got to hear my song as the opening scenes rolled. And I had this feeling that this is what I am meant to do. That I have fulfilled part of my purpose here on earth by having THIS song in THIS film.

In the trailer for the film, a woman says "We need to shine each other up." How true. I believe that we all have a purpose. Years ago, I created a mission statement for my life that stated " I want to be a beacon of light." I feel like today I have achieved that.

Gail is in the process of submitting the film to festivals and arranging community screenings of the film. I'll keep you posted about upcoming screenings. Even if you can't see the whole film, the trailer alone will inspire you.
May you all find a way to shine each other up today :)

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