Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road Trip!

It's been quiet here for the last week because my family went on our first road trip. We hit Everett, Seattle, Olympia, Cannon Beach, and Mukilteo. Along the way, I had a lot of fun playing with my iPhone Instagram app. Love it! Later this week I will share some photos I took with my Cannon7D, but for now here are a few of the Instagram snaps:

On the I-5 to Seattle

Just outside of Centralia.

Patriotic bird on our hotel roof at Cannon beach
Entering Oregon

Surfsand Resort at Cannon Beach
The Haystack at Cannon Beach

Who Knew? Mukilteo is gorgeous!
But there's no place like home...
I'll be back posting more regularly in a couple of days. Now to do all the laundry...

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  1. I love the idea behind your blog (along with your day-to-day life)...what a beautiful concept. Thank you for linking into artsee bloggers. It's wonderful to add your energy to the community!