Monday, September 26, 2011

candyland flower

I am a terrible gardener. I live on the lucious west coast, where it should be easy to grow things, but for me it is not. So this flower has its own story. I planted the seeds for these flowers around the trees in my backyard (and have long since forgotten what they are called, because that was back in May). The seeds took forever to come up, and when they did they were leggy and somewhat scraggly looking. But then finally in September, they bloomed. Only a few, mind you, but all the more beautiful for that. And then once they were finished blooming, they looked like this:

Over at Shutter Sisters today the theme is a wonderful alignment of events, and given how many months of waiting went into these photos, I think that theme is perfect!

Still, next year I think I will stick with plants, and give up on growing from seed;)

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