Thursday, September 29, 2011

Salmon Song

A little music for you today. This is a song
I wrote for the 35th anniversary of 
Mossom Creek Hatchery.

The video was recorded and produced by the fabulous
Jay Peachy.

Summer Sundays down at Mossom Creek
The sun is shining and the air is sweet
You ask me to carry you from the car
But I say "You can walk boy, it's not far"
And as I watch you run ahead of me
I wonder what you will be

And just like the salmon swimming upstream
I hope you find strength and integrity
Just like the salmon swimming upstream
I hope you will always
Come home to me

Ruth shows you to make a basket out of leaves
And I'm reading you stories of the birds & bees
I'm thinking everything you need to know
You can learn right here where the small-fry grow
And just when my heart's an over-flowing cup
You say "I'm gonna miss you when I grow up"

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