Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seeing Beauty

I recently took a short road trip with my husband down to Anacortes. I had the luxury of being the passenger for the trip, so all I had to do was listen to some great tunes (The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam) while enjoying the view. And it really struck me that when we take the time to look for it, beauty is truly everywhere. And the soul is soothed and nurtured by beauty. I'm not talking about the kind of eye-candy that Hollywood produces, but the beauty of a particular beam of light hitting a patch of grass, or the beauty of a rusted old shed. In every moment, we can stop and look for beauty. It is always there.

If you are looking for more inspiring beauty, follow the Texture Tuesday link to see what other beauty seekers have captured for this week's challenge.

Have a beauty-filled day!


  1. very lovely text and true; nice composition, color, and texture processing. thank you, kareninkenai

  2. Beautiful post, and a beautiful photograph. I think those of us who are into photography are able to see a lot more beauty in things that's why we need to take photos of everything :)