Friday, December 16, 2011

The 16th Day of Christmas Kindness

Welcome back for another day of Kind Acts.

Today's photo is layered with another one of Kim Klassen's beautiful textures from her 12 Days of Giveaways, called Cosmo. 

Today instead of a Kind Acts suggestion, I wanted to feature a beautiful Kind Act that is being done by artist Lori Portka. Lori is creating 100 paintings to say thank you to 100 people in her life. Once she has completed all the paintings, she will display them all together in a show before giving them all away. I love the spirit behind this project, of using your talents to bring joy and express gratitude. Here is a detail from one of her paintings:

Stop by Lori's site to to see more of her beautiful artwork, and read more about her thankfulness project.

Every night when we put Gabe to bed, we say this prayer with him:

May Gabe be filled with loving kindness, may he be well, may he be peaceful and at ease, may he be happy. 

And then I ask him what are the 3 most important things? And he answers Love, Kindness, and Gratitude. And if that is all I ever teach him in his life, I believe that is enough.

Have a beautiful day, and may a little kindness come your way.

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