Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding my way...

As I have been pondering what it takes for me to blossom as an artist, I realized that sometimes you really need to take the scientific approach. Let me explain. For the past year I have taken every course on mixed media art and Photoshop that I could get my hands on. And I know that in that time I have learned a lot. But the problem is, that once the course is over, and you can't go back and watch the videos, the knowledge can be lost. So I realized that in my attempt to find my artistic voice, I was trying everything, but not choosing anything. What I really want to come away with is a sense of what techniques and colour palettes work for me. So here is what I have been playing with:

I call it my technique chart, and in it I write down what does (and sometimes does not) work for me. So as I try new things, I can write remember them. Shockingly simple I know, but sometimes it is the most obvious idea that eludes us. I love how I am learning to paint like Kelly Rae Roberts and process photos like Kim Klassen, but what I want is to take what I learn from them and create something that is truly ME. I want to make my own ART.

On that note, here is a fun background texture I just made combining some ideas from both Kelly Rae's techniques, Kim's processing, and my own play. My husband said it made him think of Steampunk, so that's what I called it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on defining your artistic voice, and whether it came naturally to you, or it was something you had to work at.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. i think it's a bit of both - my artistic voice has always been there, hidden under other careers, family stuff and 'sensible grown up-ness'. now that i've unleashed it i find i do need to work at some things while others just seem to appear.
    i'm not sure if my voice is fully developed yet, but it's fun finding out

  2. so funny, I was reading and thought, you should know about Kelly Rae, then read further! I write everything down to remember, so many techniques to remember. It's so important to take the essence of teachers insights then find yourself and build confidence. Love your work :)