Monday, March 5, 2012

kindness matters

I know I talk about kindness a lot here,
and the thing is, kindness is so important
to me because I went through some pretty
un-kind things growing up.

We recently had Pink Shirt Day,
which is an anti-bullying day here in
British Columbia. And for that day,
I had planned to publish a post
that I wrote last year
about my experiences with bullying.

But when the day came,
I found the memories are still too
painful and too shameful to share publicly.

This happened to me 25 years ago.

Bullying leaves scars that never heal.

So I talk about kindness, a lot.

And I hope that in some small way,
my focus on kindness makes a difference
for someone.

I created this image for Kim Klassen's
Texture Tuesday link up. Kim is an absolute
embodiment of living kindness, and
her blog is a sanctuary of beauty
and inspiration.

Have a beautiful day,
and may a little kindness
come your way.



  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful image of kindness.

  2. oh, the lighting is beautiful and moody...your kindness is always appreciated...don't ever stop spreading it!

  3. lovely post...i do wish there were more kindness out there in the world...all we can do is keep plugging away...and maybe that makes the ripple effect like a pebble thrown into a pond. hoping that in this mode of find healing.

  4. beautiful photograph and sentiment . . .

  5. Should you someday post what your wrote about bullying I hope I don't miss it. Beautiful image.

  6. It is sad to hear that you had to endure so much pain at the hands of cruel people who drag others down only to make themselves feel superior. I hope this problem continues to gain more visibility with anti-bullying programs at schools. Your work and focus on kindness are beautiful!