Thursday, April 12, 2012


A new mixed media painting.
Acrylic paint, charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, stamps and paint pen.

What would you like to imagine today?

I just purchased Kelly Rae Robert's book
Flying Lessons: Tips & Tricks to
help your creative business soar.

Today I am going to imagine a future
where my art is out in the world in a big way.
Here are a few of my big dreams for my artwork:
- Princess Monster stamps, t-shirts, journals
-an inspirational art card & print line
-my artwork featured in a Stampington magazine

I am taking little tiny baby steps,
building towards these dreams.

One of these steps was opening my first online store.
You can visit my Society 6 shop here.

I wasn't ready for the commitment of managing
an Etsy store, given that sometime in the next
seven weeks I will be welcomig my second son
into the world.

So baby steps for me, both literally
and figuratively.

What are your big dreams?
What baby step can you take today toward
those imaginings?

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which is a whole lot of fun.
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  1. I'm dreaming of getting my novel published and having it be the next YA hit and having signings and interviews and things. I can even move forward on that this weekend - I'm planning to start sending it out this month.

    Lovely painting. I especially like the lettering in the sky

    Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston)

  2. Love the colors!! I just bought Kelly Raes "Flying Lessons The whole shabang" this week! It's excellent! Good luck on manifesting your dreams! Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. This is great - Imagine & then do :) I'm sure with your drive & consistent effort you will make it, slow & steady, build on each successful step - lovely bright art :)

  4. I have wanted to get Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons, too.
    Sounds like it's inspired you already!
    I love your Imagination painting!! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. Love your imagine painting! And congrats on the new business endeavor and new baby!

  6. Your painting is lovely and so colorful! Great job. Happy PPF! :-)

  7. Fantastic painting! and I love the message. May all your wishes be granted soon!!


  8. I love this painting and that word is is amazing how one word can make us think anything is possible!!!!

  9. Lovely painting ~ creative and colorful ~ jazzy! thanks, namaste, ^_^

  10. Nice painting & the book sounds great! Happy PPF!

  11. great painting! my sister and i are dreaming of giving art workshops and in the meantime, we are just getting some friends together and teaching them some techniques, and really enjoying it!

  12. Nice, and very cheerful!
    Happy PPF

  13. Love this painting. Good luck with all your endeavors, artsy and human.

  14. That's awesome. I like the composition. Nice job!
    Happy PPF and have a wonderful creative weekend.

  15. I love how the tree is outlined to stand out yet blends in well with the rest of the painting!

    I have gone back and forth about Kelly Rae's Flying Lesson series. What do you think of it so far? Would you recommend it?