Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yay Spring! (maybe)

Ok, so given that it hailed today and we
saw the sun for all of 10 minutes, this is really
a wishfull thinking kind of thing.

But spring has to come eventually, right?

I have 8 weeks until my due date,
and I am alternately filling these days
with frenzied art making, napping, planning,
baby supply shopping, and as many
cuddles with Gabe as I can get.
Oh, and occasionally I get a few
minutes alone with my husband!

Waiting for spring to arrive has become
synonymous with waiting for this baby
 to arrive. Soon, soon...

P.S. In the interests of keeping it real, I am also
spending a lot of time being horribly uncomfortable,
having ridiculous hormonal break downs (in public),
and watching a lot of bad tv.

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