Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Joy Jam

I have just discovered this lovely site called Your HeArt Makes a Difference, and their weekly Friday Joy Jam, which is a list of 3-5 things that brought you JOY this week. So here is my list for this week:
1. This space in my house. The large red painting that my husband made for me, my guitars on the wall, the kids toys on the carpet. It's just the space I wanted it to be and I love the time we spend there.
2. My baby smiling and laughing again after a bad cold laid him (and everyone else in our house) out for a week.

3.Some lovely friends painting my street banner design for me when the evil cold took me out.

How about you? What brought you JOY this week?


  1. There's some great light in your space, as well. I love that.

    As for me, my hilarious 4 year old and my creative soul of an almost 8 year old are bringing me joy. So is a return to words, and a pretty computer chair.

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