Friday, February 1, 2013

28 Acts of Kindness, part 2

In the wake of the tragedy in Newton, many beautiful people have made the commitment to perform 20 - 28 acts of kindness in honor of those who died. I read Lisa A. McCrohan's blog post, and she was inspired by Ann Curry's post, and so the kindness chain extends. I put the call out to my friends on Facebook to help me commit 28 Random Acts of Kindness. You can visit this post to read about the first 19 acts.

You know what I have loved about this whole process? The way I feel when I treat everyday as an opportunity to find new ways to spread kindness. It's kind of like living on a perpetual treasure hunt. I feel happier, and more hopeful, and just lovely. And that's why I will keep finding new opportunities for kind acts, because I'm just selfish like that. I like to feel good.

And obviously, other people like the feeling too, because several beautiful peeps helped me get to 28. Here are all the little moments of kindness that we spread:

20. Sam Ryan and Mandy Ryan purchased a $25 gas card, and left it with the cashier to distribute at his discretion. Sam and Mandy have also committed to their own 28 acts of kindness!
21. Robert Brandt got up early in the morning with our baby several mornings over the holidays so I could catch a few hours sleep. The baby had a cold for a week, so I hadn't been getting much rest at night.
22. I gave $5 to a homeless woman and wished her a Happy New Year.
23. Samantha made a flag banner sewing project to spruce up the Moody Elementary library.
24. Gabe helped a little girl get up the slide at Koko's.
25. RCMP Block Watch coordinators Heather McRitchie and Johnathan Ho left a gift on the doorstep of the Anmore Alternative News' Founding Editor. The gift was an RCMP shoe bag and various Mountie confections. The attached note said, " Thank you very much for such an exceptional article! Wow - we truly appreciate your help in promoting our program and for all your support!"
26. I didn't have a tree to drop off, but I visited the local firefighters who were tree chipping by donation for the Children's Burn Fund. I dropped off a donation for the Burn Fund and some banana muffins for the firefighters.
27. Kara and Jenn left a bag of dog biscuits at the park, and also committed to perform their own 28 acts of kindness!
28: Sent some mail art to a friend who needed some goodness in her life.

Coming up next in kindness: Random Acts of Kindness week is February 11 -17! I have already started planning for this, including a repeat of last year's flower bombing on V-Day. Nothing lights up a woman's face like my adorable boy handing her a rose on V-Day. Pure joy!

If you are looking for ideas for Random Acts of Kindness week, visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website. Or you can visit my online store, where I just released the Love series of fine art prints for Valentine's Day.

The words of kindness are more healing 
to a drooping heart than balm or honey.
Sarah Fielding (1710-1768)

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