Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My art exhibit is next week!

Wow, this is the real deal! Now that the flyers have been printed, it's official that I am having my first real art exhibit alongside my talented husband. I have been painting like a mad woman for the last few weeks to create a collection for this show. It has been a crazy, inspiring, stressful, exciting experience already, and it is just getting to crunch time now.

I have thought of the past few years as art school for myself. I took every e-course, read every book and magazine, watched every online tutorial I could get my hands on. And so this show feels like a graduation of sorts. I continue to study, I know I always will, but I am beginning to trust myself a little more. I am finding my voice. I am declaring to the world out loud, "I am an artist." What an incredible leap of faith. What a terrifying jump.

So as I embark on this exciting and scary new path, I would like to thank all the teachers I have learned from for the last few years, for so graciously sharing their skill and wisdom through their blogs, books and online courses. Each of these women has inspired me beyond measure.

One thing I have learned is that the online art community is so full of generous women, who are willing to give so much of their time and talent to help other artists on their path. I am so grateful. Now, on to planning my opening!


  1. Joyelle, I am SO VERY happy for you! This is wonderful news. You are so brave in taking the jump and trusting your artist heart. I'm wishing you the very best with everything! How exciting.
    Much love