Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Delight Photo Hunt Part 2

I've always been dark
with a light somewhere in the distance.
-from Two Coins by City and Colour

I feel the need to make a disclaimer.
In this internet world, it is often only our best
that gets put forward.
The good days get much more press than the bad.
Also, in trying to be a force for positive change in the world,
I put my focus here on the good.

But I have bad days.
Lots of them.
I have days where I struggle and yell and judge and
generally feel miserable and defeated.
I have days that I want to cry all day long
but I don't because I have two small children to take care of.
I have days where I feel ugly inside
and I hate myself and everyone around me.

I focus on love, kindness and gratitude
because I need to bring myself back from the edge so often.
And remind myself that no matter how much I feel
to the contrary, my true nature is light, not darkness.

I try to focus on simple delights
and feel grateful for the little joys
that make a day shine.

Last week I was reading photographer Gennifer Carragher's 
Facebook page The Red Road.
Each month Gennifer posts a photo theme to her Facebook page,
and we can post our images on the page. 
This month Gennifer created a Delight Photo Hunt,
which the boy and I embarked on at our friends
Lynn and Mario's home during a visit.
So here is part two of our delight photo hunt
with Lynn and Mario:
You can find Part 1 here.








Cool Breeze


New Friend
And you?
What delights are you thankful for this week?
What simple pleasures do you focus on
when you are feeling dark?

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