Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursady: the birthday edition

Growing old is mandatory; 
growing up is optional.  
~Chili Davis

It's my birthday!
Ok, so it was last week.
In honour of my getting older,
I thought I'd do a birthday edition
of thankful thursday. 
So here are the top 5 reasons
I am glad to be celebrating my 39th year
on planet earth.

 1. I'm still alive to celebrate it.
Seriously, I'm really grateful for that.
2. After years of experimenting with everything
from goth to hippy, I have finally found
my style of clothing.
3. I have the best group of friends
who really made me feel the birthday love!
4. Cake. Always thankful for cake!
5. I know who I am so much more than I did
at any other point in my history, 
and I am really grateful for that self knowledge.

Getting older, it's not all bad ;)

What are you grateful for about aging?

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