Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fourteen Dreams for 2014

Inspired by Kim Klassen's 14 for 2014 post, here is my own list of dreams for this year:

1. Have more kitchen dance parties!
2. Become more comfortable with spaciousness.
3. Worry less.
4. Complete & publish my Princess Monster alphabet book
5. Settle into joy
6. Make lots of art
7. Daily walks and yoga
8. Read more good books
9. More hugs
10. Art Retreats! Into the HeArt, Six Breaths, and Squam!
11. Monster in Me art exhibit
12. Learn to hold back just a little
13. Practice radical self acceptance
14. Really listen to and take in the kind things people say to me.

Happy New Year!



  1. Wonderful list Joyelle! ♡
    I'm working on mine right now :)
    I wish you the happiest new year!

  2. Great list, self acceptance that's a hard one for me...

  3. Wonderful list! and love your artistic image - so vibrant.

  4. Great list to do do for this year!

  5. woo hoo... i love your list..... especially number 1... so fun.... xo, Kim
    p.s. #13 - life changing.....

    1. I know it's really important for me right now. I want to let go of internal struggle and learn how to be a good friend to myself. I know that once I can do this I will have finally let go of some old hurts that still linger in my life.

  6. Love the kitchen dance party idea! I need to get back to doing yoga, I have concentrated so much on strengthening this last year, but some good restorative relaxation would be good.

  7. I like your dream for 2014, good luck with making them your reality. The things you learned in 2013 touched me, some of those are quite similar for me. I got here via cjs14; it's nice to meet you and read your blog.

  8. I want to be a part of #1 and know you have the ability to accomplish all of what you have set out in this list...and so much more. <3