Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monsters in progress: An update on the Princess Monster Alphabet Book

I have been hard at work on the Princess Monster alphabet book, and wanted to give you a quick update on progress. These are some quick pics I snapped with my phone, so I apologize that they aren't the best image quality, but they will do for the purpose of today's post.

Today I wanted to share a little step by step breakdown of one of my monsters. This is Ollief.

Step 1

I work on my sketch until I am happy with it, then scan it in so I can re-size it and print out my template.

Step 2

Using a Stabilo all marks pencil, I trace my template onto my background. I then gesso, using the mix of the Stabilo pencil and the gesso to create a nice outline for my figure.

Step 3

Using a combination of Inktense watercolor pencils, acrylic paint, paint pens and pencil, I add the details of the character.

I'm more than halfway through the alphabet now, and it has been quite a journey already. I have struggled with self-doubt, second-guessing and self judgement. I have been overwhelmed when I spent too much time thinking about how much work there is to come. I have felt so much, and returned over and over to my mantras of self-acceptance and being present in the now. Just one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, and I will get there.

Love, kindness & gratitude....

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