Monday, April 13, 2015

What's Up!

So much going on over here, and I am thrilled to tell you about all the projects on the go right now. But first I want to tell you about a big shift for me. 

For a long time I have struggled to accept my basic nature. I am not the type of person to settle on just one thing. Years ago I changed the title of my business cards from artist or singer/songwriter to Creative Dynamo, because I got really tired of trying to introduce myself with the long list of things I do. That was the first step toward really embracing my multi-faceted nature. I am now going deeper into that acceptance, and finding a way to identify first and foremost with my life purpose, which is to be a beacon of light. I find many ways to express that purpose, but what it comes down to is the new phrase you see at the top of the page here. Find your joy, change the world. I believe strongly that whatever instrument I am using, whatever form of creative expression I choose, the most important aspect of anything I do is always the message. The medium is where I find joy. I love writing a song, or getting my hands messy in paints, or writing, or creating community events. But ultimately, my purpose is the same regardless of the medium I choose. My purpose is to be a beacon of light in the world, to help facilitate more healing and more joy in people's lives.

So with that said, here are a few of the ways I am finding my joy and changing the world right now:

The #DailyJoyProject on Instagram

I wrote an article about my pursuit of happiness through a #DailyJoyProject for She Is Fierce HQ. You can read the full article here and join us on Instagram by tagging your posts with the hashtag #DailyJoyProject and tagging @JoyelleBrandt and @SheIsFierceHQ in your post.

The Love Your Body Summit (Coming February 2016)

What is the Love Your Body Summit? It is an inspiring day of speakers, joyful movement, music, art, and self reflection designed to empower YOU love your body! This is a project I am very excited about, and I am looking for collaborators to join me on this journey. Check out the Facebook Page for more info!

Princess Monster Appearances

The Princess Monsters are hitting the road for a few upcoming events! 

May 2nd I will be at Author's Central for the Port Moody Library's Get Published: Explore Your Options event. If you are interested in learning more about publishing options, this is a great chance for you to meet and talk with local authors. 

May 24th I will have a Princess Monster painting table at the Sole Girls Fun Run at Deer Lake in Burnaby. Visit the Sole Girls website for more info and to register!

And ongoing now I am available for author visits to schools and community events. Visit the Speaking and Workshops page for more info.

Progress on One Act of Kindness

I am working on the illustrations for my next book, titled One Act of Kindness. This is a page in progress. I am using collage and watercolor pencils for the illustrations. I am really excited to announce that I will be collaborating with amazing teacher Shannon Bain to create a curriculum guide which will be included at the back of the book, to assist teachers with incorporating it into their classrooms.

Trigger Points Anthology

Our Facebook page for the Trigger Points anthology recently surpassed the 400 likes mark! Dawn and I are so excited to see this community growing, especially since talking about how childhood abuse effects us a parents is not an easy topic to get people to engage with. We have extended the deadline for submissions to May 31st of this year, and are looking to engage more men in this discussion. If you know any Dad writers who are abuse survivors, please pass the link to our Facebook page along!

Ok, I think that is all for now. Wow, talking about all this stuff makes me tired. I think I need a nap now...

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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