Monday, September 6, 2010

Music Monday!

Welcome to my new weekly music feature, Music Monday! I'll be featuring my mixed media series that I am working on, which is inspired by song lyrics, as well as sharing some of my favourite songs and artists.

But first up, I have to mention my exciting review by Tom Harrison of the Province, who attended the show I did last week: "Joyelle Brandt was engaging and confident on a smokey rendition of James Taylor's "Steamroller Blues." That just made my day!

OK, now on to the art. Here Comes the Sun is the second in the series:

And song lyrics this week are by Jeremy Fisher. I chose this song because my three year old son fell in love with it this week. Now every time we get in the car, he asks me to play this song, LOUD! It's the first time he has fallen in love with a song, so I am a proud musician mama right now, that he has chosen a Canadian singer-songwriter. Here is the first verse of The Scar That Never Heals:

She's my polyrhythm

Carryin my heart like a beat

So fast I can't keep up

My prayers sing the melody
I think I might have to make a collage out of those lyrics...
It's a rainy Monday here, so I hope wherever you are, you are curled up with a good cup of coffee and a good song playing in your ear.

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  1. oh I love this, and how cool is that review you received, that is fantastic!