Monday, October 11, 2010

Music Monday - Lost in Beauty

I am so excited to show you what I have been working on! I had a scary moment this morning when my Macbook crashed while making last minute adjustments, but all is well now!

So today's song lyric comes from One Republic's song Come Home:

I get lost in the beauty of everything I see
The world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be

I am looking forward to seeing other interpretations of this lyric! Please add your comment to this post with a link to your image and on Sunday I'll post all your images here.

So for next week we are going with a classic jazz standard, Autumn Leaves.

I miss you most of all, my darling
when autumn leaves start to fall

I figured it's appropriate for the season :)

I have been working on a vintage image for the Three Muses challenge this week, which I will be posting on Wednesday. It uses the wings from this image as well. Just for those who are interested, I created the wings by taking a butterfly by Vinnie Pierce, erasing the body, then turning it into a mask, and filling the shape with a maple leaf photo I had taken. If you look closely you can see the veins of the leaf. Neat, huh?

Ok, so that's it for today. Have a beautiful day!


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  1. Your artwork example is lovely...I adore all the bright colors and the flow.
    I love music lyrics and art so I am psyched about your entry is here: