Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music Monday Challenge Art

Hello Blogland,

Just a quick post to share the beautiful piece that Sherry created for our Winter Wonderland theme this week. Check this out:

Isn't that fantastic? It makes me think of a children's book illustration.

We got more snow this week, and for one whole day Gabe and I played in the snow, knowing that it would not last. Isn't that the way of things? We treasure them more when we know that they won't be around long. That snow day was so fantastic. I started decorating the house, we watched Christmas movies and had hot chocolate and popcorn in between bouts of snow shovelling and snowman building (not my forte, by the way. One of my snowmen looked like a cone-head, the other resembled Jabba the Hut). Watching Gabe's excitement as he repeatedly fell, rolled in, and ate the snow was fantastic. He had his first snowball fight with our neighbour's daughter Ava, and tried to roll a toy dump truck uphill in the snow.

Today, to continue the snow-day fun, Rob and Gabe and I trekked up the hill to Buntzen Lake, where some of the snow still remains. We bundled Gabe up in his snowsuit and each brought a camera. And this is the reason I fell in love with photography. Because on our way up to Buntzen I was grumpy, obsessing about the extra ten pounds of weight that have been ever present since having Gabe, bemoaning that pre-baby body. But then I walked around in nature, smelling the green earth and looking for beautiful things to capture. And just as we were leaving, I found it. The sky was starting to clear, and a ray of sunshine shimmered through the mist rising from the cold ground, illuminating trees draped in mossy cloth. In that moment, I felt so relaxed and peaceful. And the thing is, when you focus on looking for beauty, you find it is everywhere, even in the mirror. So even though this extra ten pounds may be here to stay, I am going to try to find beauty in my reflection. Life is short and precious, just like those snow days. I need to spend more time looking for beauty, and less time dwelling on imperfections, past failings or sad history. Every day brings a new possibility to find beauty, and to create beauty.

May you find beauty today!


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