Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Monday - She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah Yeah

Happy Monday all!

In honour of the Beatles tracks now being available on iTunes, and because Kim Klassen's She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah texture is so awesome, here is our theme for this week. Now if you love the Kim Klassen texture that I used on this image, and want to incorporate it into your creation, you can download it from her site for $2.50 here. If you are smart, while you are there you will sign up for her FREE TEXTURE FRIDAY list, and she will send you a download link once a week for a new texture, which is how I got this one. Such a talented and generous woman she is!

However, obviously you do not need to use that to contribute a piece to the challenge. As usual, it is open to all art forms, and you can use the lyrics directly in the piece or just use them as inspiration. Since I am trying to grow this challenge, I would love it if you would grab the Music Moday button at the bottom of this page and paste in onto your site with a link back to An Artful Endeavor. If you happen to do that, please let me know so I can enter you into a giveaway contest for a free art print of today's image.

And speaking of contests, Angelica has won the Christmas ornaments contest from last week. Angelica, please e-mail me your mailing address to sonicjoy[at]

Hope you have a fabulous day!



  1. Whoo Hoo!! I won!! Thank you Joyelle!

    This ornament will be extra special since it will be the first one for this year -- all my Christmas things are still in storage in Langley!!

    I did buy a gorgeous prelit tree - yea! no more fussing with lights!! So my new ornament will be hanging in style!

    Rev. Angelica Jayne Taggart
    248 Rodgers Forge Rd #T
    Baltimore, MD 21212

  2. love this, love the Beatles and love they are available on iTunes :)