Friday, November 19, 2010

Photo Friday - Christmas Pretties!

Hello Blogland,

I thought I would give you a sneak peak of the Made in Anmore craft fair this Sunday - or at least my small part in it. In addition to getting ready to sing, I have been madly crafting ornaments this week, and here they are:

And here is a list of the vendors who will be at the sale:

SoaPure, Lauri Koseff, handmade soaps and nourishers, (also offers massage and paintings)
Howard Koseff Photography,
Buntzen Boxes - Bird boxes - Mariam and Mike Barnes;
Pam Hooker Photography greeting cards
Jay Peachy, local artist,
Deb Whalley Cookies
Joyelle Brandt - folk singer;
Starfishkidz children's clothing, Julie Nowell,
Theresa O'Brien, handmade jewelry
Carole Greeting Cards
Avra Appelbaum, Fire safety screens for children
Naomi's homemade vegan breads
Plush ReUpholstery; Andrea Austin
The Made in Anmore craft fair will be held this Sunday November 21 from 6pm to 9pm at 3025 Anmore Creek Way, off Sunnyside Road in Anmore.

On another note, I always try to share with you any great posts that I have seen elsewhere in the blog world, and this one from Helen Jane's website was really fantastic. If you have twenty minutes, watch the TED video she posted of Brene Brown discussing her research on connection and vulnerability. I love all the talks I have seen from the TED series so far. They always have amazing speakers and fantastic topics.

Phew! That's all for today. I'm so looking forward to the mulled wine...



  1. Thank you for your sweet comments you left me ...wish my husband was my dentist...I could at least yell at him when it hurts..

    Your decorations are lovely...I so want to make time to make some myself. The weeks just wiz by.

    Have fun on Sunday...I bet you sing like an angel. oxoxo