Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Friday

Hello Blogland,

Earlier in the week, I spent a lovely hour with my son playing in a tiny patch of forest behind our house. It is his little magical wonderland, where he happily spends his time playing with sticks and ripping apart rotting tree trunks. Here are some photos I took while he was stomping around:

And here is the fairy that I forgtot to post yesterday. This is my re-worked version of Fairy # 1 after watching part of a lesson in Creative Compositing on Love that site! The great thing about digital artwork is that if you are not happy with a piece, you can always re-visit it later.So here she is, the new and improved Fairy #1 - Love Notes.

I have another fairy in the works that is almost done, but needs a little tweaking. Which means I will have 7 done and 5 more to go by the end of the year to hit my goal. I made an announcement to my friends last week that I have decided to turn the fairies into a book. Each image has an inspirational message that goes along with it (which I have not posted yet - I have to hold some things back for now!) I am playing with ideas of how the book will look, but I will keep you posted. 

What is funny though, is that right after that announcement I was hit with a paralyzing fear that I would run out of ideas, that my art wasn't good enough, blah blah blah. And thanks to all of you out in Blogland who have posted about your own struggles with this issue, I was able to (after a couple days) recognize this monster for what it is and release it back into the wild. And upon doing so, a flood of ideas came to me, and I now have the concepts for all five remaining fairies. 

For anyone else who might be struggling with their little demons, I wanted to share a couple book titles which are fantastic for getting over your inner critic. The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole is amazing, as is Journal Bliss by Violette. It is so comforting to know that artists at all levels are faced with this fear of not being good enough. I remember seeing an interview with Meryl Streep once on Oprah where she talked about how she regularly tries to pass on roles because she thinks another actress is more capable than she is. How crazy is that? So this little gremlin resides in all creative spirits, and all we need to do is tell him, "Thanks for your opinion, and you can leave now. I have work to do."

On that note, may you have a beautiful, creative day. I'll see you Sunday with the pieces from this week's Music Monday challenge.


P.S. I have a guest post about parenting this week on the Momoir Blog. Check it out here.

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