Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembering Victims of War

Hello all,

Today I wanted to share with you a song that I wrote this week, as thoughts around Remembrance Day came up. To explain this song, here are some statistics from War Child Canada:

-Two-thirds of all casualties in war are children
-One in four children in Afghanistan will die before the age of 5
-18 million children have been forced to leave their homes due to war
-There are more than 300,000 child soldiers fighting in wars worldwide

That said, here is the song. I wrote it from the perspective of a mother who has lost her child due to disease in a war-torn region and then immigrated to Canada. (And I'm sorry I didn't have time to create any images, so although it's on YouTube it's a black screen for most of the song).

Mother's War

It is my belief that on Remembrance Day we should remember all the victims of war, and teach our children about how lucky they are to be born in this country, and how it is their responsibility to spread kindness and compassion so that we continue to live in peace.




  1. Hello Joyelle.

    I'm interested in your Monday Music Challenges. I signed on as a follower.

    I am a performer. For several years I played as a tradional folksinger/singer songwriter. My music site is a little out of date. Since getting my MAC I can't update my homestead website unless I use someone elses computer. Here's the addy;
    I have a CD. Let me know what you think.

    But, I can't contact you through myspace. Myspace and I have issues that won't allow me to log in.

  2. That is just beautiful Joy! I particularly like the lines 'where are the medals for mothers of children..." (the lyric and your phrasing) and 'can't bring myself to pin it where my heart used to be...". An important and often overlooked perspective on the impact of war. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Sue