Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday - Pretty Things!

In our weekly search for inspiration, I have to start with this. I have been having a rough time lately, and on Saturday my husband suprised me by coming home with this:

I cried like a baby when I opened the package. I can't even fully express what it felt like in that moment. There is something so magical about a gesture like this. It says that even after all our years together, that he still sees me, and gets me in a way that makes me feel so known and loved, just as I am. That is the best gift ever.

You have to check out the Capri Blue catalogue to see the rest of their gorgeous jewellery collection. Oh so many lovelies! And look at the packaging - every detail crafted with love and artistry. Did I mention it is handmade in Langley, BC, just a half hour drive from my house?

I also wanted to share with you some pretty music, which is also locally made. I discovered Sheree Plett when she opened for Peter Katz show at the Railway Club in Vancouver. She performs live as a duo with her husband, and they have the sweetest harmonies! It's a lovely, folk-country album. This is the perfect album to brighten up a dreary winter afternoon. Click on the album cover below to check out her music on iTunes.

And one last piece of inspiration to share this week, a fantastic article by Dave Rowley from Creative Chai titled Parenting is a Creative Act. This piece perfectly expresses how I feel about artful parenting.

What is inspiring you this week?



  1. I think the idea of Inspiration Wednesday is a wonderful one. The things that bring us inspiration for creativity and coping are things that we need to honor and to surround ourselves with as they are a lifeline to our souls and spirits. Having flowers, beautiful stones, beautiful art, a bowl of fruit, nice mugs... even a cd cover we love out where we can see it as we pass by become part of the space we need to nurture our creativity as we nurture our children. It seems like when things become hard and stressful these gentle inspirations and the sense of beauty become over whelmed by the intense feelings of stress. Making a conscious decision to look for them, find them and invite them back into our lives is wonderful. If nothing else, taking things out and looking at them, like jewelry, or a favorite vase or book, seems healing to the frayed edges. As an inspiration from this blog, I am going to reunite with something I had originally started doing on fb, to have a favorite things gallery which I posted to regularly, and have forgotten about. I am also going to consciously look for something new that inspires me today.
    An act of fanning the flame of our artfulness!
    So thank you so much :-)

  2. Wow, the jewelry is beautiful and I can't even believe the gorgeous packaging! I am finding inspiration in having slowed down for most of January and being present in the moments- the simplest conversations I have with my children triggers memories, inspires writing and/or drawings- I'm looking forward to looking at the jewelry collection and the parenting article, thanks for sharing them! xoxo

  3. OMG, such a beautiful gesture and perfectly loving present! Your hubby is a DARLING! Will check out that music and article - thank you for sharing these wonderful inspirations!