Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Friday - Dreams of Spring

In the depth of winter, 
I finally learned that within me 
there lay an invincible summer. 
Albert Camus

In the bleak midwinter 
Frosty wind made moan, 
Earth stood hard as iron, 
Water like a stone; 
Snow had fallen, 
snow on snow, 
Snow on snow, 
In the bleak midwinter, 
Long ago. 
Christina G. Rossetti

Look! the massy trunks 
Are cased in the pure crystal; each light spray, 
Nodding and tinkling in the breath of heaven, 
Is studded with its trembling water-drops, 
That glimmer with an amethystine light. 
William Cullen Bryant

Up rose the wild old winter-king, 
And shook his beard of snow; 
"I hear the first young hard-bell ring, 
'Tis time for me to go! 
Northward o'er the icy rocks, 
Northward o'er the sea, 
My daughter comes with sunny locks: 
This land's too warm for me!" 
Charles Godfrey Leland

Happy Friday!



  1. Wow! Incredibly beautiful photos!! You are such a brilliant photographer. Really! And I love the words you chose to go with them. Perfect.

    I wanted to tell you about a MASSIVE blog hop starting on the 30th because more people need to find your beautiful blog. I have a link to it on my site. This is my 1st year participating in it. A friend said a lot of people found her through it last year...when they had around 1000 participants!! This is the last year that it's running, so if you have time... You have to write a special post for it and do a giveaway, but there's still plenty of time. I think you are DARN talented so I thought this might be good exposure for you. And if not, that's ok too! : )

    And thank you for your wonderful comments!!


  2. Your images are lovely!!!

    I just can't wait to see that Valentine heart cake of your friends...I really do hope mine turns out...let me know when you have an image posted xoxoxo

    Weekend hugs