Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Tessandore Creative

Welcome to your weekly dose of Inspiration! I wanted to share an artist whom I discovered through Artful Blogging Magazine (love Somerset!) Karen Tessandore is the perfect example of making living An Artful Endeavor. Just look at her last three blog posts:

A detail from her newest painting - 
visit her blog to see the full image!
Check out this amazing heart
garland Karen made!
When I talk about wanting to live my life artfully, this is what I am talking about. Making my world a beautiful place to be. And I'm not talking in a creepy, "let's make my home look like a magazine cover shoot" kind of way, because I have a toddler, that's not going to happen. But creating little pockets of beauty, little resting places for our souls, in our homes and in our lives. I love Karen's blog because you can  see that she approaches her life like this. She creates because that what she was born to do, and it is a natural expression of taking joy in life. I hope that seeing her work inspires you to create something today.

Here are couple links for you to check out for further inspiration:

Singer-Songwriter Joshua Radin, who I discovered this week through Kim Klassen's texture video. Love his voice!

And finally, if you need a laugh (and who doesn't)? Read the latest Ill-Advised post by The Bloggess. Every time I read her posts, I laugh until I cry!

Coming up next week: you get to meet my in-house inspiration. My husband! Did I mention that he is an amazing painter, photographer and pencil artist? Also more great music and a little bit of kindness.
Have a beautiful day!


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  1. Joyelle,

    Thank you for featuring my blog and for your kind words! You captured exactly what I am trying to express and share with all my little projects. Art is my happy place, and it looks like it is for you too. :) Happy creating!

    xo ~ k