Monday, February 28, 2011

Mixed Media Monday - Mothering Authentically Week 3

This week in Mothering Authentically, we were asked to make a list of what we would like to do with 24 free hours of time. For a mom, that's like fantasizing about what you would do with a million dollars. I started making a list and found that 24 hours was really a small period of time when I looked at all the things I would like to do with it ;)

Next up it was time to focus in on one or two of the things from that list to see what we would like to incorporate into our lives on a daily or weekly basis. Last week I went for a walk by myself. On my way out the door, my husband asked if I was going to take my camera, and I did. I wandered around the neighbourhood, stopping to snap a photo when I felt like it. And the freedom of this open time, of being able to walk at my own pace and think whatever thoughts wanted to float through my mind, was such a beautiful thing. It made me realize that what I want most of all, is time not to DO but just to BE. I always have a million projects with which I could fill 24 hours. But what I need to remember is to slow down and just BREATHE. So my commitment to myself is that at least once a week I want to go for a nice, leisurely walk by myself.

Coming up on Inspiration Wednesday, I will have a video of my Pecha Kucha presentation, and tell you a bit about some of the other speakers who presented. It was a fantastic night, full of interesting people and some great art!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Our lives fill up so quickly with all the things we "need" to do, that taking the time to just Be and Breathe is easily forgotten. It's good to be reminded once in awhile. Thank you! nancy

  2. I have a word for 2011 - "space". Which means that I'm looking for space to breathe, and maybe space for myself in my own life. I think that stopping all the doing and spending some time just being plays a part in that. Unfortunately, it's often easier said than done. Maybe I need a solo walk, too.