Monday, March 7, 2011

Mixed Media Monday: Motherhood Is...

As one of our final assignments for Mothering Authentically, we were asked to do some journalling by completing the statement Motherhood Is... I haven't finished work yet, but here is my page in progress:

The text reads:
-A mirror, reflecting back your best and worst selves
-Big Love (scary, exciting, exhausting, challenging, overwhelming, worry, freedom, boredom)
-An excuse to dress up like a princess whenever the mood hits
-A key which unlocks a flood-gate of tears

What does motherhood mean to you?


  1. Motherhood is: living with little angels one moment and little devils the next...

  2. This is beautiful.

    A bruise on my shin from chasing an energetic toddler.

    Stacks of drawings "just for me".

    Never quite enough sleep.

    Always feeling like I'm missing something when I'm away from my children.