Monday, April 18, 2011

Mixed Media Monday: Kids Art Journal

Welcome to the third and final instalment of mixed media for kids! Today we will be creating a simple book which can be used as an art journal, sticker album, or portfolio.
Step one: grab 2-3 colours of finger paints and let your kid go nuts on 4 large sheets of paper, trying to cover the entire sheet.  Let dry. If you so desire, flip them over and repeat. 
Step 2: Once sheets are dry, stack them, fold them in half, and staple to create a booklet.
Step 3: Let your child fill the book by stamping, painting, adding stickers, or gluing in previously completed artwork. With older children, you could help them create an illustrated storybook or poetry collection.

I hope you have enjoyed the mixed media for and with kids series. Next week I am excited to start Strathmore's final visual journal workshop series.
Have a beautiful day!

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