Monday, May 30, 2011

Just for Today

Last week an article that I wrote called
was posted over at Studio Mothers.
And the response seemed to be
in general, that we, as mothers,
struggle to value ourselves
enough to take the time to re-charge.

And so I thought, maybe what we all need
is a permission slip.

We need someone to tell us that it is ok.

That the world will not fall apart
if for one day of the week
we stop.

We just stop.

Stop doing anything but the essentials,
and take the time to do
what truly makes us happy.

Read a book.
Go for a walk.
Watch a movie.
Play with paints.

Stop being a grown-up and just
play with our kids.

So here it is.

Your permission slip.

Print it out,
post it on the fridge,
and tell everyone that
you are off duty
for all but essential services.

No car pooling.
No bill paying.
No playdate arranging.
No chores that can be done tomorrow
(the laundry isn't going anywhere).

And if you need more inspiration,
listen to yesterday's post
of Paul Clifford
singing his beautiful original song

Try it.

And let me know how it goes :)

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