Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Watering your Life

The Texture Tuesday theme this week
is gardening.

A few days ago I was drilling Gabriel
about the three necessities for plant
growth. I love getting to start
teaching him things!

Sunlight, water and soil.

That's what a plant needs to grow.

People, on the other hand,
need a little more.

For me, the list goes something like this:

* A safe, loving home
* Food that is beautiful and nourishing
* The love and support of a few good friends
*Daily alone time
* Music and art
* Books

What about you?

What is on your must-have list
in order for you to grow?

P.S. For those interested in the technical details,
I used a levels adjustment layer and a curves
adjustment layer, then added two layers
 of Kim's new Stained Linen texture
on soft light. I added a gaussion
blur to the second layer to
soften the texture.


  1. Love your photo.
    And as far as growing goes... I need me time to indulge in art, be it photography, glass bead making, jewlry etc.Being outside in the open air, either park, garden or forest is pretty crucial for me too.

  2. fabulous image - love the green background with the linen

    like you list - I'd add creativity and some control over how you spend some of your time

  3. Lovely texture. My needs are water, sunlight and soil. V

  4. Love your composition on the watering can and great texture work! You seem to have written out my list of needs! especially daily time alone . . .

  5. oh this is just lovely!

    thank you for linking up to texture tuesday.....xxo, kim

  6. Fabulous color and texture...love the background effect.

  7. @ Jenni: I definitely should have added forest time to my list too. That is so crucial!

  8. Lovely texture work--I love watering cans--Let's see...I need the love of God-family-order and discipline in my life and I grow!

  9. gorgeous Joyelle who would have thought you could make a sprinkler/watering can look so darn good

  10. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful. I've never tried gaussion blur. I'll have to remember that :)

  11. Love the subject and composition!

  12. I love it when a common object becomes entirely new through someone else's perspective. What a beautiful image! And as for your list -- I'd only add the occasional piece of chocolate!

  13. Love the composition and texture edit :)

  14. Fabulous! Love your list and like one of your comments above, I'd add a bit of dark chocolate!

    Thanks for sharing.


  15. I can't believe I didn't put dark chocolate on the list! You are so right Kathy and Kathleen!