Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Northern Voice Artists!

This past weekend I attended the Northern Voice Social Media conference, and got to meet some really talented and inspiring artists. Check out the work of these three dynamos:

Darcie Frederick creator of the beautiful online graphic novel Ada Starfield
Here is my favourite quote, from Chapter 1 of Ada Starfield:

her mother said,
Ada close your eyes
close your eyes, my dear
feel the earth,
feel her deep down below.
feel your gratitude
she receives it.
gratitude, Ada
send it down, into the dark.
if you can't find gratitude
then what will you give her?
what part of you goes down
into the cold press of earth?

Next up is Leah Gregg. Leah has taken on a wicked iphone photo project called onetwofiveVANCOUVER, celebrating the city's 125th birthday. 

Photographer Leah Gregg documents Vancouver
I used to walk past this building every day on my way to work. Her portraits of the city remind me why I love living here.

Last up, the paintings of Uma Sharda. I love this Lotus dancer:

Artist Uma Sharda paints spirit 

What I love about the work of all three of these women is the passion that jumps through the image. This is true inspiration!

Please visit their websites to see more of their work.

Have a beautiful day!

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