Tuesday, June 14, 2011

finding your bliss

It's Texture Tuesday (just barely)
and here's what I am thinking about today.

I'm thinking about bliss.

Today I'm working on Crafting My Life
with Amber Strocel, and we are working
out how to map your life so that
you spend more time focusing on
your bliss.

And my thoughts are this:
that it is so easy to slide back
into living a life that doesn't
truly reflect your values.

That to live artfully requires
constantly checking in.
Constantly asking yourself,
am I following my bliss?
Or am I just doing what
I think is expected of me?

 I am trying to live
more artfully
more honestly
more authentically
more mindfully.

And it is a daily practice.

Sometimes I fail miserably.

Sometimes I stumble through
the day and when I sit down
to write my gratitude journal
I realize that I wasn't
truly present
at all that day.

Sometimes weeks go by
and I realize I haven't even
written in my gratitude journal.

Sometimes, even though I am
trying to eat healthier,
I take a chocolate eclair
out of the freezer and
gleefully scarf it down ;)

But every new day
I have the chance to remind myself
that I want to
live artfully.

That I want my daily life to
reflect my core values:
Self Care

And tomorrow is another new day.

P.S. For those interested in the technical aspect,
I used two layers of Kim's Sweet Tart texture
at 100% soft light to process this image :)


  1. Lovely sharing your moments of BLiss! A perfect pink blissful photo!

  2. I need to do more Bliss finding....love your images. oxxo