Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Jay Peachy

Jay is an amazing example of what it means to live an artful life. As a painter, musician, radio dj and activist for environmental and mental health issues, Jay lives his life with intention and artfulness in every aspect. And Jay's approach to his dream home is the perfect example of this. Jay is bartering his way to building his dream home. With a plot of land in Anmore and the concept to trade goods and services for building supplies, Jay plans to have his dream home within a year.

“The bartering is really an art project in itself,” Peachy told The Tri-City News last week.
He plans to use as much reclaimed, recycled or donated building materials as possible, winding up with what he hopes will be a sustainable, eco-friendly piece of inhabitable art, complete with a personal studio and public gallery. (Courtesy Tri City News)

I believe the most important aspect of living life as an artful endeavour is INTENTION. Jay knows what his values are, and applies those values to every aspect of his life. In his artist statement, Jay expresses this beautifully:

"I am a contemporary outsider artist who believes in the healing properties of the natural environment. I paint landscapes in abstract as an expression of my connection with nature and its ability to provide me peaceful inspiration. As organisms on this earth I believe we are interconnected with nature and highly interdependent."

We may not all be able to tackle a grand project like Jay's Barter home, but we can take the spirit of it into our lives and ask the question "How can I live more authentically? How can I make my daily life reflect my values?"

For more information on Jay's Barter Dream House, visit his listing at SwapSity or follow his blog about the process at Anmore Home.

I would love to hear your stories about living your artful endeavours. What big or small ways to you live artfully? How do you create a life that reflects your values?


  1. This is a lovely post, Joyelle. Kudos to Jay for undertaking a project of such a large scope.

    As for me, my photography of subjects around my rural farmstead have become my muse for my blog posts.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Thanks Nancy! I know I also find that taking a camera lens to my world helps me to appreciate things with a degree of depth that I wouldn't otherwise feel. Taking the time to frame your world with a camera brings a whole new level of appreciation of the simple beauty of everyday living, doesn't it?