Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Feet

Sweet Feet

What's not to love about baby toes?

I just want to nibble these
little pea pod toes, don't you?

It's Texture Tuesday at
and I played with the
Sweet Treat and Yesteryear
textures on this one.

New babies are all around me right now
and I steal sniffs of the
tops of their heads
and grab cuddles
whenever I can.

I can get cuddles from Gabe,
but I have to catch him first.
He's 4 now, and I'm sure the days
when he wants to cuddle with me
are numbered.

I take all the kisses and cuddles
I can get now,
and shamelessly ask for more
whenever he wants something from me.

"You want to watch a movie?
Well Mommy wants a kiss."

Works every time.

Have a beautiful day,
and grab all the cuddles you can!


  1. Always bribing my children for hugs and kisses! Love these cute, sweet feet!

  2. What could be sweeter than this?

  3. You're a smart lady--it will astound you how fast those moments will slip past--beautiful work and precious toes!

  4. Love this, baby toes are the cutest things.

  5. oh my~!!~ i wouldn't mind nibbling those sweet little toes too~!!~!
    a beautiful shot and treatment~!


  6. I love seeing close ups like this - really sweet!

  7. I'm with you on grabbing cuddles! Adorable picture!!

  8. I haven't seen baby toes is quite some time (sigh), so your picture just made my day. Such a sweet image!

  9. Oh this is just the sweetest photo! Love those baby toes:)

  10. Love me some baby toes and this shot is just adorable! When my first born was tiny (35 years ago), I use to call these "popcorn toes" because they so resembled little popcorn kernals :)

  11. beautiful tootsies! I make my children "pay" me in hugs and kisses for things like pushes on the swings. it's great!

  12. There is nothing more beautiful that a picture of a baby's hands or feet. Your capture here touches the heart of the viewer. Wonderful capture. Genie

  13. Just perfectly Yummy!!!