Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be Yourself

Just a thought for today.

For me, being myself means:
*listening to that little voice
*noticing when I am not being genuine
*choosing to spend more time around people
who make me feel good about myself.

Living my own life means checking in
before I make a commitment to do something
and asking, 
will this bring more joy into my life?
Am I doing this because I want to 
or because I think I should?

What does it mean to you,
to be yourself?


  1. "What does it mean to you, to be yourself?"
    That is a great question.
    How many lives are unlived and human gifts unshared because of the fear of being our real selves?

    We all need this reminder to keep on shedding our raiment to reveal the true beauty within each and all of us.

    "We are all the same but different"
    (Buddhist belief)

    Thank you for this encouraging post :)

  2. Lovely collage and lovely words.

  3. Creative image and words to think about.