Monday, August 29, 2011

the colour of home

The theme for this week's Texture Tuesday challenge is the colour orange. I happen to love this colour. my living room walls are painted in it, so it is quite literally the colour of home for me.

And speaking of home, I took these photos at Mossom Creek Hatchery, which has become almost a second home for us lately. Visiting the hatchery has become a regular family event. I know that as soon as I step out of the car and smell that west coast forest, it is the best medicine around. If I am tired I will feel instantly renewed. 

When I think about the things that I want to pass on to my son, the things that are really important to me, a deep love and respect for nature is fundamental. Spending time at Mossom Creek, we both learn so much, and the time that we spend there together is so precious. I want my son to grow up feeling at home in nature, knowing that he is never separate from the earth, but part of this amazing miracle that nurtures and nourishes us. The photo of the salmon above, who had just been released into the stream, tells a story of all our lives. The cyclical journey of a salmon, from stream to ocean and back again, is such a powerful metaphor. The place where we begin is the place our hearts return to over and over throughout our lives. I hope this time spent with my son at Mossom will be a foundation for his life, something he can return to as he grows up.

What is the colour of home to you?

P.S. for the technically inclined:
Photo Processing 
Pumpkin on soft light @ 100%
Old World on Color Dodge @ 54%
Warm Sun on soft light @ 61%


  1. Very nice processing. Lovely photos.

  2. Very nice.Being in Nature is such a wonderful way to restore the soul.

  3. Nice photos and even nicer story to go with it...I am sure you are passing on your love of nature to your son and how wonderful to share that great time together.

  4. Wonderful post and pics. It's great to find somewhere that rejuvenates you. Have a great week.

  5. What a beautiful post, and your images are just lovely.

  6. The first fish I've seen today - good job!

  7. Great photo's, The colour of home to me, I too love the earthy,natural colours on white crisp walls...having children in the home (living with my sister at the moment) the home seems to be a rainbow of colours, reds,pinks,purples and blues, a joyful home of brighter colours. A changing moment for me!

  8. Beautiful photos, I love fish hatcheries; maybe it's that watery smell. The colour of my home is turquoise, which goes well with orange!